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A Revolution in Fire Alarm Technology

Full Touch Screen. EN54 Certified … a World First!

Sleek. Innovative. Design-led.

Fire Alarm Technology

We’re proud to introduce the latest in fire alarm technology, the world’s first fully touch screen, EN54 certified fire alarm panel. Launched to the industry immediately, the Toccare Touch Screen Intelligent Fire Alarm Panel is the first truly aesthetically designed fire alarm panel developed to slip seamlessly into high-end, exclusive surroundings.

Widely considered a ‘revolution’ in fire alarm technology.

The Toccare range of fire alarm panels sit unimposingly in design-led apartment buildings, prestigious hotels and high-end office buildings. With a slick black or white exterior, and customisable backlit LED lighting, the Toccare range is without doubt the sleekest, innovative fire alarm panels available in the fire industry today.

The Toccare Touch Screen Fire Alarm Panel is designed with the end-user in mind. The adaptive appearance and fully customisable LED backlights enable the panel to integrate smoothly and unobtrusively into any interior décor. When it comes to end-user access, its responsive touch screen with easy-to-use interface allows quick access to events, faults and more with their individual 5-digit code. The panel is also customisable to display in a variety of languages, ensuring full understanding of the display by the end-user.

This pioneering fire alarm panel is also an engineer’s dream. With easy programming, the auto-addressable panel can be set up in as little as four simple touches. It is also capable of forming a large-scale fire protection system with up to 128 panels connected via a network loop. The cloud-based programming enables remote connection support, which allows for easier technical support and remote fault-finding.

The user-customised operator menu displays the status of the fire alarm system at a single glance. It also details information such as the level of dust within individual detectors, indicating their level of inefficiency. From this information, a system optimised maintenance schedule can be planned and scheduled from this innovative fire alarm panel.

Compatible with both wired, wireless detectors or a mix both types of detection, and able to facilitate up to 240 addressable devices per loop, the powerful Toccare Fire Alarm Panel is an intelligent choice for any large, upscale building requiring aesthetic yet robust, accomplished fire safety system.

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