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The Toccare Panel: 1-9 Loops

Clean, minimalist, innovative

A world first; fully touch screen EN54 certified fire alarm panel.

Why Customers Love This Panel

Adaptive Design

Clean, non-imposing appearance to fit seamlessly with the building’s interior design.


A responsive touchscreen with an easy-to-use interface.

End-User Access

The end-user can access details such as – events, alarms, faults and more, with the use of their own 5-digit code.

Custom Lighting

Fully customisable LED backlights to match seamlessly with the décor.

Variety of Languages

A vast number of characters and symbols, up to 11 languages.

Why Engineers Love This Panel

Brand Identity

Your own company logo can be implemented into the fire panel.

Engineer's Dream

Programming of the panel can be completed with as little as 4 touches.


For easier management on a large scale fire system, up to 128 panels can be connected to a network loop.

Detailed Information

A touch of the device icon will show information such as % of dust in device. Maintenance schedule can also be planned within the panel.

Operator Menu

Simple operator menu designed for convenience, with two log-in access codes – one for the end-user and the other for your engineers.

Cloud Based Programming

The panel can be programmed from a computer/laptop, and details can be viewed remotely – allowing for easier technical support.

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