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Festive Season Fire Safety

Festive season is here, and the feeling is uplifted again from what seemed to have been an exhaustingly long and confusing year. Christmas trees are sitting pretty with colourful decorations, and the lights are flickering with joy!

It comes as no surprise that the mixture of trees, decorations and lighting are a big fire risk. No one wants a Christmas ruined by flames, so here are our top tips to staying safe from fire:

1. Check for a British Standard Safety Sign on your Christmas lights

The British Standard have made it easier for us to stay safe. Look for the BSI logo upon purchase of your Christmas lights; reassuring that the product has been checked, tested and passed to comply with the standards.

2. Turn the Christmas lights off if the property is left unattended for a long period of time

Not only will you save on your electricity bill, but you’re also doing your part in keeping a safe home with active decorations. Over long periods of time, lights increase in temperature when powered on. Turning the lights off when you’re out will allow them to cool down and prevent overheating.

3. Water the tree and keep it away from heaters and fireplaces

From the aroma to the natural aesthetics, there is no beating a real Christmas tree. However, they are more vulnerable to heat and fire! Watering the tree will help as it prevents the branches from becoming dry and flammable.

4. Immediately replace Christmas light bulbs that are broken or faulty

Easily one of the highest hazards in Christmas decorations. Due to the break in the circuit, broken bulbs can cause a spark that can turn into uncontrollable flames. With this high hazard, lights should also avoid direct contact with any decorations and other flammable items.

5. Don’t overload plug sockets

Plug sockets shouldn’t be overloaded on any regular day! When not in use, the socket should either be turned off or unplugged to prevent any potential accidents.

A Christmas tree fire can make a room disappear in under a minute.

It’s important to have fun over the Christmas period, but just as importantly we should do our bit to keep our homes and families safe! When the festivities are finished, real Christmas trees should be taken to recycling centres so that they can be disposed of properly.

It is also worth noting that the oven should not be left unattended. Cooking under the influence of alcohol is not advisable. Save the drinks for later – if you cooked, you can put your feet up whilst everyone else cleans up!

Safe Fire Systems From Eurotech

Contact Eurotech to discover the appropriate fire safety systems you should upgrade to, or have in your home. We have a full range of fire alarms and safety products to help you ensure that your holiday season is a safe one.

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