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Technical Bulletin – SygNEX

Eurotech have launched SygNEX v0.9.1 as the Sygno-fi wireless configuration software.

SygNex runs parallel to the Hyfire TauREX wireless configuration software and is equivalent to the Hyfire current version v0.8.7.

Existing systems designed with previous versions of TauREX (v0.7.8 and v0.7.12) are compatible with SygNEX v.0.9.1.

Systems designed with SygNEX (v.0.9.1) or TauREX (v.0.8.7) are not compatible with the now obsolete versions of TauREX (v0.7.8 and v0.7.12). It is strongly recommended that the latest firmware version is used.

The following details the procedure to convert the Hyfire Taurex configuration program to the Eurotech SygNEX configuration program and to import the Taurex sites into the SygNex configuration software.

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