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Sygno-fi by Eurotech Lite Starter Kit

Introducing the Sygno-fi by Eurotech Lite Starter Kit

Designed to provide comprehensive fire safety at a competitive price.

Featuring our award-winning Sygno-fi by Eurotech wireless fire system and the exclusive Toccare by Eurotech Touchscreen technology, the kit includes:

1 x Toccare Lite Touchscreen Panel

1 x Sygno-fi Translator

2 x Sygno-fi Smoke Detectors

2 x Sygno-fi Base Sounders

1 x Sygno-fi Manual Call Point

This entire package is available for less than £1000, and provides the essential components to provide a small fire safety solution for your valued customers.

Order today using part number SYG-BUN1 on 0203 141 0999 or contact your Regional Sales Manager.

Sygno-fi by Eurotech Lite Starter Kit

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