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Eurotech 4 Loop Intelligent Fire Control Panel

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The EUR-5400N series is fully expandable from 1 to 4 loops complete with 4 on-board sounder circuits, 20 programmable Zonal/System Leds with slide in labels and Four dedicated programable push-buttons.

The control panel consists of the latest in flash-based microprocessor technology combined with a high resolution, high contrast LCD display and tactile keypad. This combination provides a concise menu based, high resolution, advanced Graphical User Interface with simple ‘select & click’ programming to aid engineer configuration and end user operation.

Powerful Cause and Effect programming coupled with ‘DynamiX’ zoning and enhanced Trace Diagnostics makes the panel suitable for a wide range of site applications, from small to large complex multi area systems. Fully on site programmable via on board alphanumeric keypad or PC-Net Configuration tools.

PC Software
An extensive suite of PC based, software programs have been developed to supplement the EUR-500N panels.

User-friendly Windows based PC-Net configuration software includes service tools, logo programming software and virtual panel software allowing for remote diagnostics via a low cost modem or IP connection, saving time and expense for any travelling or maintenance.

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• Fully expandable from 1 to 4 loops via common plug in loop driver boards.
• 20 Zonal/System LED’s fully programmable with slide in labels.
• Full support of Eurotech protocol.
• Advanced graphical LCD user interface with up to 2000 fire zones as standard, allowing full EN54 compliance without additional hardware or LED indication.
• 5 Amp power supply and charger to EN54 part 4.
• Dedicated USB & RS232 serial port for direct PC or modem connection.
• Dual, flash based, microprocessor technology with on-board Real Time Clock. Optional on-board or remote printer.
• Flash memory and the advanced graphical display enables the panels to be configured to operate in virtually any language with any character set and allows the installer's logo and company details to be applied to the LCD display.
• Robust, removable equipment chassis with plug-in connectors for simple fixing and cable termination.
• When connected to the fault tolerant Ad-NeT network, the panel operates as a true peer-to-peer interface (with up to 2000 shared zones) with full cross panel reporting, control and cause and effect functionality.

Sygno-fi Black Expander Module

Sygno-fi Translator Module - Black

The SYG-W2W-B Sygno-fi Translator Module is the core component of the Sygno-fi intelligent hybrid fire detection and alarm system. When connected on to a compatible loop, the unit is capable of linking up to 128 fully intelligent wireless field devices with the fire alarm system. All wireless communications rely on a channel pair for spurious RF noise rejection and maximum link reliability.

The translator allows fully intelligent and seamless integration of the wireless devices alongside standard wired devices or can be used independently to for completely wireless systems. Using cutting-edge wireless technology and a proprietary orthogonal antenna design it ensures the highest levels of life safety and system reliability.

Sygno-fi Black Expander Module

Sygno-fi Expander Module - Black

The SYG-EM-B Sygno-fi Expander Module is compatible with all Sygno-fi wireless intelligent translators and the conventional expander.

The unit provides a convenient method to increase radio communication range beyond that possible from a single translator by relaying the radio communication to further expanders or directly to the wireless field devices, allowing to build large fully wireless systems or add wireless devices onto areas where cabling for translators is difficult or impossible.

The expanders are programmable for a redundant path to the translator, so that if any expander in the chain fails, the transmission path can find an alternate route. The redundant paths are identified and tested during system commissioning for maximum reliability. All the wireless communication relies on a channel pair for spurious RF noise rejections and maximum link reliability. All expanders are fully monitored ensuring that the highest levels of life safety are maintained.

Sygno-fi Black Base Sounder VAD

Sygno-fi Sounder VAD Base - Black (White Flash)

The SYG-BSB-23W-B Sygno-fi Sounder VAD base(white flash) is a high performance device, incorporating an EN54-23 compliant VAD used to alert people in the event of a fire.

Each unit has an integral moulded base for mounting an wireless detector or a sounder cover if a detector is not required. The unit has as standard 32 recognised sounder tones (primary and secondary) and 4 levels of volume adjustment, as well as high power/low power visual settings, all of which can be easily configured on site.

Powered by standard lithium batteries and utilising well proven adaptive radio signal processing algorithms ensure the highest levels of life safety and reliability.

Sygno-fi Sounder Base - Black

Sygno-fi Sounder Base - Black

The SYG-BS-B Sygno-fi Sounder Base unit is a high performance wireless sounder base that can be used as stand-alone notification device (with a blanking cap) or as a combined detection and alarm device when fitted with an integral Sygno-fi optical, heat or multi detector.

The SYG-BS-B unit has as standard 32+32 recognised sounder tones (primary and secondary) and 4 levels of volume adjustment, all of which can be easily configured on site.

It is powered by standard lithium batteries and utilising well proven adaptive radio signal processing algorithms ensure the highest levels of life safety and reliability.

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