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Need to Know: Fire Safety Guidelines in Tower Blocks

In response to the tragic events in at Grenfell Tower in North Kensington, London, the Department for Community and Local Government has issued a series of guidelines and safety checks. As recommended by an independent panel of fire safety experts, these guidelines must be carefully reviewed and implemented to prevent further tragedy.

To ensure safety in the interim where buildings are not adequately protected currently, it is detailed in the guidelines that buildings implement ‘interim measures’ which include the following:

‘Provision of a temporary communal fire alarm system, comprising smoke detectors in circulation areas and plant rooms, and fire detectors (possibly heat detectors, rather than smoke detectors) in conjunction with fire alarm sounders in each flat.’ … ‘The system may comprise a wireless system, using radio to link devices.’

The Eurotech Wireless Detection range offers a number of ideal solutions to fully adhere to these guidelines with systems including heat and smoke detectors, sounders and manual call points to name a few. View the full range. Our team of expert Fire Consultants are available for support and advice on which systems are best suited to your requirements and can help implement the necessary measures. Please contact your nearest Sales Manager on the details below.

London & South:
Contact: Vincent Agius or Ollie Murray
Email: enquiries@eurotechfire.com
Telephone: 0203 141 0999

Contact: Bob Wyatt
Email: bob.wyatt@eurotechfire.com
Mobile: 07495 912742

Contact: Gary Mitchell
Email: gary.mitchell@eurotechfire.com
Mobile: 07780 221071

View the full list of Government guidelines published on the 19th June.

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Advancements in Sygno-fi Wireless Detectors

We are pleased to share with you a significant advancement in our Sygno-fi by Eurotech wireless platform as part of our commitment to continuous product improvement.