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Westcoast protected with Hybrid System

Founded in 2004 by Paul Seager, Commfire Ltd is an industry leading fire alarm, fire extinguisher and emergency lighting installer based in Andover, Hampshire. Priding themselves on their high level of customer service, they partner well with Eurotech Fire Systems through shared aims and values.

Westcoast Ltd are a leading distributor of major IT brands to resellers, retailers and office product dealers in the UK and abroad.

A fire safety system was needed to protect their warehouse, staff and its assets. The challenge was providing a high level of safety in a site of such large scale.

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Wireless Site Survey + Supply of all fire equipment


Euro-fi Wireless Range, Eurotech Intelligent Range, XP95 Intelligent Range, Advanced MX Panel, Beam Detection

Our Approach

After a previous visit to the site, we realised that the system is of a greater scale than initially anticipated. From the visit, we had to adapt and figure out what would most conveniently cover the site, at the same time as keeping it to a high standard and meeting the requirements of the fire risk assessment. The high ceilings and walls meant that beam detection would be required to cover the great distance and height along the site.

Our Solution

To cover the site, we had to combine multiple products to create the most efficient system possible. A mixture of wireless and wired system, also known as a hybrid intelligent system, was installed. High ceilings along lengthy parts of the warehouse was covered using beam detection.

The original fit-out consisted of XP95 devices. In order to limit additional costs and device removals, we used products from the Odyssey range and retained the original XP95 system. These communicate on the same protocol which allowed us to specifically reduce the costs for the customer and Westcoast’s warehouse.

Additional devices on a new system were put on an MXPro 5 panel communicating using Eurotech hybrid protocol. FireBeam detection is communicating to the Eurotech input module.

The Advanced MXPro 5 panel provides the great specification to cover the number of devices on-site. There are four panels networking; three covering the Odyssey & XP95 systems and one covering Eurotech & Euro-fi hybrid system with the beam detection.


Products Used

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