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Vigil Anti Slip Protection Now Available

Eurotech Fire Systems Ltd are excited to announce a new product range to our collection. Exclusive to Eurotech in the UK, Vigil Anti Slip Protection provide some of the best-in-class products offering unparalleled quality.

Occupational accidents unfortunately occur every single day and one third of these incidents is caused by slipping, tripping or falling. Not only do these incidents cause personal distress and injury, they also lead to steep costs. The loss of production and medical expenses are costly, as well as these incidents causing reputational damage and sometimes significant fines.

Preventing these incidents from happening by implementing the right safety measures saves money.

Available in a range of formats including stair nosings, ladder rung covers, stair treads, and metal and vinyl deck covers, Vigil Anti Slip improves safety in the working environment by preventing tripping, slipping and other hazardous incidents.

Available in 3 grades – commercial, industrial and offshore – depending on the level of pollution and dirt in the environment, Vigil Anti Slip offers:

  • Long term anti slip protection
  • No delamination (dislodging) of anti-slip coatings
  • 10 year warranty
  • Up to 25 year lifespan
  • Easy to clean

For more information on the Vigil Anti Slip range please contact your Regional Service Manager or contact us on 0203 141 0999.

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Advancements in Sygno-fi Wireless Detectors

We are pleased to share with you a significant advancement in our Sygno-fi by Eurotech wireless platform as part of our commitment to continuous product improvement.