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Toccare FAQs

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions on our Toccare fire control panel range. If you don’t find the answer to your query below and need any further assistance, please contact us.

Toccare Mini

The fault contacts are labled Fault 1 and Fault 2, located on the right hand side of the terminal array. The contacts are normally closed.700-200

No, the 1/2 loop panel is not networkable and doesn’t have the facility for connection of a repeater.

Access level 3 (33333) – Configure – Auto Prog

The Toccare range of panels have selectable protocols (Apollo and Argus AV) Ensure the correct protocol has been selected. Access level 3 (33333) – Configure – System – General – Loop Type

Access level 3 (33333) – Maintenance – Disablements – Outputs

Yes – Access level 3 (33333) – Configure – System – General – Buzzer Led – Buzzer – No

The Toccare mini has 16 zonal LEDs, zones 1-16 are the physical zones which will illuminate the zonal LEDs.

The procedure is available from Eurotech Technical. 3 files will need to be uplaoded using Flash magic and the dedicated firmware update lead will be required. (available from Eurotech)

The loop is open circuit.

The loop has a short circuit

Access level 3 (33333) – Maintenance – Test – Sensor Modules/Walk Test

Contact Eurotech for the procedure and an emergency password – The password changes daily, so plan ahead.

The menu timeout can be set to 5 minutes – Access level 3 (33333) – Configure – System – Disabling – Disabling of keyboard at 5 mins – Yes

Following an Auto Prog (auto-learn) Configure – Device/Zone – Detectors – Modify – click on the relevant device – Next – Detector Name (a keyboard will appear) enter text – Save

Access level 3 (33333) Configure – Device/Zone – Zone – Add – Zone 1 – Devices – highlight the devices in zone 1 from the loop map. Repeat for additional zones.

The memory stick has to be configured as FAT32, 4096 Allocation unit size. Access level 3 (33333) – Configure – System – Usb – Export

Access level 3 (33333) Maintenance – Maint. Enquiry – Select next maintenance date – Save.

No, an Auto-learn (auto-prog) on a configured system will only find new devices. The existing config will not be overwritten.

Toccare Multi

A single conventional sounder circuit is available. At least 1 additional intelligent sounder should be fitted on the loop to meet the requirements of BS5839 pt1 (giving a 2nd sounder circuit)

EXP refers to the loop Expansion card (loop card) Ensure the additional card has beed included in the panel config – Configure – System – Additional cards – Loop Expansion Card – Add the number of cards.

No. The panel has the facility for menu selection of both Apollo and Argus (AV) protocols, both protocols cannot be selected for individual loops.

Access Level 2 (22222) – Assistance – The firmware version will be displayed.

Access level 3 (33333) – Configure – Date & Time – Save

Access level 3 (33333) – Maintenance – Test – Sensor Modules – Walk Test – Single device, zone or Loop can be put into walk test. The outputs will be disabled. When tested the device’s LED will illuminate and the device will be recorded on the panel.

The auto address facility should only be used when all loop devices are fitted with isolators. The standard Eurotech detector range do not have isolators so this function should not be used.

Access level 3 (33333) – Configure – System – Additional Cards – Panels in network (select the number of network nodes and set to ‘yes’ the information transmitted across the network – Save.

Access Level 3 (33333) – Configure – System – Peripherals – Select the number of remote keypads (repeaters) – Save

Custom logos are built into the firmware. For details contact your RSM. If your logo has been implemented you will have a 5 digit code. Access level 3 (33333) – Configure – System – Panel Info – Click on custom logo – enter code.

Access Level 2 (22222) – Historical Events – Select the event you wish to view.

When allocating a sounder group to a logic function, the delay refers to the time before the outputs will active (in seconds) the duration is the period the outputs will be active for.

Yes, logic functions (cause and effect)t can operate across the network.

If any cause and effect is programmed the ‘All in /All out’ function must be set to no.

The panel’s cause are set up as a logic function, the panel’s effect set up as Output zones. For further information contact Eurotech technical support.

An additional PSU is required on the Toccare Multi loop panel when 2 or more Loop expansion cards are fitted, and/or if a network card is fitted to a 3 loop option. Consult with Eurotech technical dept for more information.

Toccare Cloud

The Cloud home page will have an create a new account link – enter your details and register – the account should be active in a hour or less.

The email address is a user name and is case sensitive and should match the info entered when the account was set up.

Once you have logged in, click on New. This will allow you to create a device. Select from the drop down the panel type and add the site name – Create Device.

On the top left hand side of the page you can select import configuration. If the panel has been auto-learnt, the config can be imported by selecting the correct file path.

The Cloud auto-saves unless the save option is shown.

The Cloud is a configuration storage area – The panel ‘s maintenance function is only available on the panel itself.

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