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Sygno-fi Wireless Fire Range

Taking wireless fire safety to the next level

Welcome to our new open protocol EN54-4 wireless system.

Seamless Integration

with both hard-wired and wireless systems.

Open Protocol

Compatible with multiple fire alarm panels.


Up to 240 devices per loop and 120 devices per half loop.

Maximum Performance

Dual redundant technology ensures no downtime.

User Friendly

Bespoke software for quick, easy installation.

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This new range of high-performance wireless detection, control and alarm devices is based on a new protocol that offers exceptional capabilities, quality and reliability. 

Combined with user-friendly survey, install, commissioning and maintenance software, the Sygno-fi range revolutionises the wireless fire systems market.

The Sygno-fi wireless platform is suitable for both small-medium or large sites, with the capability to handle up to 128 devices per wireless translator and 240 per hybrid loop, along with a 10-year battery life on sensors, call points and inputs and five years on output devices, sounders and VADs.

A significant benefit of the Sygno-fi system is that it is open protocol, so it is easily integrated with multiple addressable fire alarm panels providing the flexibility and choice over which fire panel to integrate with.

Sygno-fi devices use 60 communications channels to ensure interference and channel collisions are avoided, and each device uses dual redundant technology. So if one channel fails, another takes over automatically, ensuring no downtime and maximum performance and reliability. 

Each Sygno-fi translator supports up to 15 network expanders and the best possible redundant communication paths are identified and tested automatically during commissioning, providing the most reliable and robust communication pathway possible.

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