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Conventional Beam Detectors


FIREBeam Anti-fog Kit with Reflector & Lens Cover

The FB-AK Anti-Fog Kit has been developed to overcome the problems of condensation, this special kit contains a reflector and lens cover that have been treated with a nano technology finish that will not mist over.

The anti-fog reflector is also available individually.


Key Features

  • Lens cover treated to not mist over in high condensation areas
  • Comes with similarly treated 40 m to 80 m reflector

FIREbeam Anti-fog Reflector – Long Range (80-100m)

A long range anti-fog reflector kit for the esp FIREbeam smoke detector, provides coverage of up to 100 metres.

FireBeam AntiFog Window

FIREBeam Anti-fog Window

The FB-AW Anti-Fog Lens Window has been developed to overcome the problems of condensation, the lens cover has been treated with a Nano technology finish that will not mist over.  The anti-fog reflector (not included) is also available individually.

Shipping Weight: 300 g


FIREbeam Antifog Reflector Short 5-40m

The FB-ARS is a specially treated short-range reflector for the FB-1 FIREbeam detector. Its surface is treated with a Nano tehnology finish that will not mist over. Ideal for high-condensation areas.

  • Anti-fog short range reflector
  • Ideal for high condensation areas

FIREbeam Beam Detection – Anti-fog Reflectors

This special anti-fog reflector has been treated with a nano technology finish that will not mist over in environments prone to condensation.


Key Features

  • Choice of 3 ranges – Long, Mid & Short anti-fog reflectors
  • Designed forFIREbeam
  • Special coating for use in condensation-prone environments


Product Codes Description
FB-ARL FIREbeam Anti-fog Reflector – Long Range (80-100m)
FB-ARM FIREbeam Anti-fog Reflector – Mid Range (40-80m)
FB-ARS FIREbeam Antifog Reflector Short 5-40m

FIREbeam Mid Range Reflector Kit 40-80m

FIREbeam Mid Range Reflector Kit 40-80m


FIREBeam Range Extension Kit (80-100m)

Additional reflector kit to increase the range of the standard item, includes 4 prism reflectors on a mounting plate.


Firebeam BLUE Reflective Optical Beam Smoke Detector 7-70m

The new FirebeamBLUE uses the advanced the firebeamXtra technology, inherits the same reliability, benefits and an unbeatable range of 160 metres but is commissioned and controlled using the App.

Using the FirebeamBLUE with a phone or tablet lets you do everything you would with a controller but is easier and more intuitive to use You connect to each beam using Bluetooth technology meaning you don’t even need a phone signal or internet connection.

Key features:

  • Industry leading self aligning motorised technology’
  • ‘160 metre range’
  • ‘App based Bluetooth phone operation’
  • ‘VdS Approved No.G221060’
  • ‘Saves time and money’

Operational Specifications

Protection Range FIREBEAM Standard Product 7 to 70 metres. Use short range mask for distances between 7 & 20 metres


FIREBeam Reflective Optical Beam Smoke Detector (with Controller and Reflector)

High level beam detection has always been a cost effective way to offer detection over large open areas; however, owing to building movement and high level access requirements for maintenance purposes; it has proved unreliable and expensive to service. The Fire Beam has been specifically designed to overcome these problems using advanced technology; enabling optical beam detection to be used with complete confidence.

So what is this advanced technology?

The Fire Beam will self-align itself to the centre of the reflector whilst commissioning and will automatically keep its alignment when building movement occurs. This advanced intelligent motorisation results in saving time, resources, reputations and ultimately money. The Fire Beam comes complete with a low level controller, ensuring all service and maintenance functionality is easily accessible.

Key Features:

  • Very Low Power: using only 3.5mA any state opens up a whole world of options. In some cases you can loop power the beam, for instance using an Apollo xp95 mini switch monitor allows you do just that and turns the conventional Fire Beam into an addressable unit.
  • IP65: means no ingress whatsoever making The Fire Beam ideal for environments, such as food processing halls, as it can be hosed down. IP65 also means nasty little creatures can’t set up home inside and jeopardise the effectiveness of the detector.
  • Easy Clean Lenses: The Fire Beam has been designed to be easily cleaned due to its flat surfaces. Unlike other beams all the moving optics are safely encased inside the waterproof enclosure so you won’t accidentally knock the beam out of alignment. This means The Fire Beam can easily be cleaned from ground level using something like a no-climb pole and suitable attachment.
  • Hysteresis: Changing the hysteresis will change the delay in returning from a fire state back to a normal state. For example, the beam is factory set at 15% so if the beam falls into fire at 65% (35% threshold) it has to recover 15% to 80% before it returns to normal. This action prevents small fluctuations in returned signal causing the beam to fall in and out of a fire state. This can be adjusted to anywhere between 1% and 40%. The hysteresis can simply be adjusted from this new menu option.
  • Beam Phasing: It is possible that beams that face each other will cause problems as their sample rates could coincide and result in unreliable readings, meaning false auto-alignment and unreliably in service. With the introduction of phasing it is now possible to mount beams facing each other with reflectors in-between. There are up to 7 different sampling rates to choose from, alleviating any cross talk problems.
  • Auto-Align Time Delay: Again this facility is useful in environments that are liable to occasional short term obscuration. Pre-set at 4 hours this can be altered to anywhere between 0 to 12 hours if required, to allow the environment to clear.
  • Multi Language Support: The Fire Beam Plus has the ability to display seven different languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, and Czech.

FIREbeam Reflector Kit – Long Range (80-100m)

Designed to cover distances between 80 and 100 metres, the Fire Beam Long Range Kit is a clear acrylic plate with 8 extra reflectors attached. Simply add the Single Reflector that is provided with the standard Fire Beam into the spare space on the plate using the screws provided.

For your convenience, the plate is pre-drilled to suit the universally popular Unistrut system. If you need to fit a Fire Beam Head Unit into a position where it is not possible to screw into then you may wish to use the Adaptor Plate.


FIREBeam Unistrut Adaptor Plate

The Unistrut Adaptor Plate is a clear acrylic plate that allows easy mounting of the Fire Beam Head Unit to Unistrut fabrication. The holes are pre-drilled to the correct pitch of the Head Unit and are conveniently positioned for use with the popular Unistrut system using the screws provided.

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