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Cirque Du Soleil: Kooza

Cirque du Soleil is an internationally known touring circus production hosted by Kooza, performing in cities such as Beijing, Sydney, Buenos Aires, and more. This installation project in particular was for the circus’ show in Singapore in July 2017, in which Cirque du Soleil needed adequate fire safety precautions to be installed prior to the show.

The client required modern intelligent fire control panels, capable of hosting a large number of devices, that are easy to use and easily configurable. This requirement was influenced by the sheer size of the arena that the show would be hosted in, the volume of people contained within the arena and the nature of the event using fire as part of the performance. Cirque du Soleil needed a system that could detect any hazards in the most efficient way. 

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Evotech control panel & Euro-fi range of wireless devices.

Our Approach

Due to the nature of the site, a circus within an arena, management do not want to disturb/evacuate the attendees and stop the performance for any false alarms. For this reason, we installed a number of Intelligent Evotech control panels connected to Euro-fi wireless devices, throughout the venue.

Our Solution

The Evotech intelligent panel is available with 2 or 4 detection circuits, each capable of hosting up to 240 Eurotech devices, perfect for the size of the project. Evotech uses the most advanced microprocessor technology to provide a control system of extremely high integrity, ensuring any hazards are dealt with efficiently. Find out more about our Evotech range here.

The Euro-fi wireless devices that were installed provided a convenient method of increasing the radio communication range by relaying the communication directly to the wireless field devices should a hazard occur. This functionality made it possible to build a large fully wireless system where, due to the size of the arena, cabling for translators was impossible. 

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