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Introducing Proline: World-Class Linear Heat Detection Solutions

Linear heat detection offers unparalleled cost-effectiveness and ease of installaProline Linear Heat Cablestion compared to conventional heat detectors. Proline’s innovative solutions are designed to overcome installation challenges and provide early detection of fire or equipment overheating in commercial and industrial settings.

How Does Linear Heat Detection Work?

Proline offers two types of heat sensing cables: fixed temperature and analogue.

Proline Digital:

With six temperature ratings ranging from 68°C to 218°C, Proline Digital cables come in various outer jackets to suit different applications. Constructed with two twisted and tensioned tri-metallic conductors coated in a heat-sensitive polymer, these cables detect heat by melting the polymer at the rated temperature, causing the conductors to touch and send a signal to the fire alarm control panel. The damaged section of the cable is easily replaceable, and a Dual Zone Monitor Module (ZI-02) can pinpoint the alarm location along the cable.

Proline EN Digital:

Similar to Proline Digital, Proline EN Digital cables consist of twisted metal cores sheathed in temperature-sensitive polymers. These cables trigger an alarm when the polymers soften at a specific temperature, and they are designed to be low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) and UV resistant for indoor and outdoor use.

Activation temperatures include 68°C, 78°C and 88°C, and the EN-54 certified Digital Sensor Control Unit can monitor up to 2,000 metres across two zones of digital LHD cable.

The Proline EN Digital LHD cable is designed to work with the Proline EN Digital Sensor Control Unit Z1-02EN and Proline EN Digital End-of-Line Unit EOLU-EN

ProReact Analogue:

Offering pre-alarm and alarm functionalities, ProReact analogue heat sensing cables monitor temperature increases and are fully resettable. These cables can be programmed for an early warning pre-alarm in addition to the specified alarm temperature. A ProReact analogue controller and end-of-line unit are necessary for full monitoring of the cable for open and short circuits.

Applications of Proline Linear Heat Detection:

Proline’s solutions are versatile and can be applied in various settings, including:

  • Trays & Racks
  • Conveyor Belts
  • Multistorey Car Parks
  • Floating Roof Tanks
  • Sphere & Fixed Tanks
  • Warehouse Racking
  • Escalators & Travelators
  • Underground Tunnels

With its reliability and effectiveness, Proline ensures early detection and protection against fire hazards and equipment overheating.

For more information, view the individual product datasheets below or contact your Regional Sales Manager for details and prices.

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