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firebeamBLUE by Eurotech

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The new firebeamBLUE reflective optical beam smoke detector is now available from Eurotech!

Using the same technology as the firebeamXtra, firebeamBLUE inherits the same reliability and benefits and has an unbeatable range of up to 160 metres. The difference? It is fully controlled and commissioned with a user-friendly app.

Using the firebeamBLUE with a phone or tablet allows you to do everything you would with a controller but is easier, faster, and more intuitive to use. You connect to each beam using Bluetooth technology, so you don’t even need a phone signal or internet connection.

Save Time & Money

Fire Beam technology is more cost-effective than spot and air sampling systems. For example, just one beam can be used instead of 16 spot detectors so cost savings across a system installation can be considerable. Wiring to a single head also saves time and money over fitting metres of air sampling tubing. Set-up is quick, and perfect every time as the Fire Beam continually monitors any movement, re-aligning itself automatically, eliminating the need to revisit site for re-alignment issues.

firebeamBLUE Key Features

  • Industry-leading self-aligning motorised technology
  • Perfect first-time set-up
  • Reduced time spent commissioning
  • Up to 160 metre range – when used with long-range extension kit
  • Bluetooth-based mobile app (no phone signal or internet connection needed)
  • Very Low Power: using only 3.5mA
  • Ability to commission and control every firebeamBLUE on every site you visit
  • IP65 – suitable for most spaces
  • VdS Approved No.G221060

Michelle Agius, Eurotech’s Managing Director says: “We’re really excited at the introduction of firebeamBLUE to our product range. Our customers will really see the benefit and cost-savings of using firebeamBLUE due to the ease of set-up, and the reduced time spent installing and commissioning.”

For more information on the new firebeamBLUE contact your Regional Sales Manager or call us on +44 (0) 203 141 0999

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