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Employee of the Year 2023

Finally, we have our Employee of the Year award. The number of nominations for this individual was simply outstanding!

Congratulations to ……

Robert Quinn!

There were far too many comments to list but here are a few below:

🏆 One of the most passionate and proud people I have ever met

🏆 How someone can be as continuously approachable as he is when he is as busy as he is really is impressive

🏆 The relationships he builds and maintains with customers shine through when I speak with them

🏆 Continuously going above and beyond to do what is right for the customer

🏆 Team player 100%, enthusiastic, lives and breathes Eurotech

🏆 He will always be the first person to volunteer himself regardless of how busy he is. If it has Eurotech’s interest at heart, you can guarantee he will be there

🏆 His positive, can-do attitude I think embodies exactly what Eurotech is about, and he epitomises our core values of honesty, respect, integrity and passion

🏆 The passion he has for Eurotech to grow and the way he goes above and beyond for customers has to make him the best advocate for Eurotech

Congratulations Robert, your attitude and enthusiasm for Eurotech makes this award very well deserved indeed.

We’ve had an amazing 12 months at Eurotech with company growth, promotions and new team members, and industry awards won. Every single person in the team plays a vital part and makes Eurotech what it is today, and we couldn’t be more proud.

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Robert Award

Eurotech Fire Head Office - Portsmouth

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