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Dovetail Group protects with Sygno-fi by Eurotech Range

Dovetail Group is a leading provider for everything in Facilities Management, Environmental Services and Waste Management. Based in the West Midlands, Dovetail work across a range of property management projects, including their latest involving 110 apartments at The Quay in Bristol.

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Advanced MXPro Panels, Sygno-fi by Eurotech Detection

Our Approach

Project Overview

In January 2022, the government launched the £27m Waking Watch Replacement Fund. This scheme provides funding to install life and fire safety systems in buildings where Waking Watch services are in place at a cost to the leaseholders.

Dovetail Group was tasked to install new, cost-effective fire detection and alarm systems in all 110 apartments in Bristol as part of the Waking Watch Relief Fund. The solution Dovetail had to provide needed to cause minimal disruption to the residing tenants. It also had to ensure it was going to be a cheaper alternative to having a Waking Watch system, which for the building would cost around £6000 every month.

Dovetail partnered with Eurotech Fire Systems Ltd to provide the best solution. Our state-of-the-art Sygno-Fi by Eurotech wireless detection system was selected alongside Advanced fire panels.

“The project covered the costs of Waking Watch after 22 months, making it incredibly cost-effective. With the on-site support from Eurotech Fire Systems, the installation was efficiently streamlined meaning time consumption was minimal.”

Sygno-fi by Eurotech with Dovetail Group

Our Solution

High-performance Wireless Detection

The Sygno-fi by Eurotech range of high-performance open protocol EN54-25 wireless detection, control and alarm devices offer exceptional capabilities, quality and reliability. Combined with user-friendly survey, install, commissioning and maintenance software, the Sygno-fi range revolutionises the wireless fire systems market.

The wireless platform is suitable for both small-medium or large sites, with the capability to handle up to 128 devices per wireless translator and 240 per hybrid loop. These is also a 10-year battery life on sensors, call points and inputs and up to five years on output devices, sounders and VADs.

Minimal Disruption was Paramount

With the nature of the project, the engineers needed to access residents’ flats to install the new fire system. To make this process as streamlined as possible, a booking system was set up by Dovetail’s Mechanical & Electrical Manager, Derek Rhind. This allowed residents to book a time convenient for them for their fire detection installation.

In addition to this, using Eurotech’s Sygno-Fi devices and QR code system meant commissioning each device was completely remote and took a matter of seconds.

“We have just had all the additional alarms installed in our apartment. It took about 8 minutes. The guys carrying out the installation were brilliant. Quick and efficient, with no mess and no fuss.”


Quality Control

Quality control checks are vital to check the system’s functionality and operation.

  • All devices were 100% bench-tested in the factory before delivery.
  • Using our state-of-the-art SygNEX software, devices were programmed to the CAD system provided by Eurotech. This allowed the live status of devices to be viewed to ensure they were commissioned properly.
  • The system was monitored for several weeks to ensure everything worked properly and transmission was optimal.


Dovetail successfully designed, installed and commissioned a start of the art wireless fire detection and alarm system at ‘110 At The Quay’ in Bristol. With the small fixed cost and the potential scalability, this installation has enabled property managers to ensure the safety of their tenants while maintaining a cost-effective and scalable system should they choose to expand their property.

Derek Rhind says: “The project covered the costs of Waking Watch after 22 months, making it incredibly cost-effective. With the on-site support from Eurotech Fire Systems, the installation was efficiently streamlined meaning time consumption was minimal.”

Robert Quinn, Regional Sales Manager at Eurotech says: “We’re delighted to have partnered with Dovetail on this project. Our Sygno-fi by Eurotech detection range was the perfect solution for this type of installation, ensuring cost savings and minimal disruption for residents. We look forward to working alongside Dovetail on future projects.”

Interested in the Sygno-fi by Eurotech wireless detection range? Call our friendly team on 0203 141 0999 for more information or to discuss your project.


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