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Cirque Du Soleil: Changsha

Cirque du Soleil is a world-famous travelling circus committed to delivering a uniquely awesome visual extravaganza to audiences across the globe. The show is an arena spectacular that combines huge set pieces with astounding precision and record-breaking skill levels. Though its roots remain firmly planted in the traditional circus-style showmanship, when it comes to the production’s conception, imagination and innovation are boundless. With this ever-changing layout and design in mind, spectator and performer safety is paramount to the show’s success.

Hosted by Kooza, Cirque Du Soleil first approached Eurotech Fire Systems in July 2017, to supply fire safety solutions to the shows run in Singapore. With the circus landscape being an ever-evolving environment, the challenge facing our engineers was designing and installing an ironclad, reliable system that was guaranteed not to trigger false alarms and interrupt the performances. For this reason we installed a number of our intelligent Evotech control panels connected to Euro-fi wireless devices. With two or four detection circuits available,each capable of utilising 240 Eurotech devices, this system is perfect for the safety needs of the circus.




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Evotech control panel & Euro-fi range of wireless devices.

Our Approach

This journey took us to Changsha, the capital of central China’s Hunan province. This ancient city dates back thousands of years, and was the capital of the early Han Dynasty in 206 BC. Today it’s a picturesque multi-ethnic metropolis on the Xiang River and remains the centre of a major industrial complex. The Cirque Du Soleil’s June t o August run in Changsha is being held at the International Convention and Exhibition Centre, and our engineers were met with the same task of ensuring absolute fire safety for the performance and surpassing the exceptional standards set in Singapore. Compounding the issue was an upcoming inspection by the local government, during which the safety standards of the Cirque arena would be thoroughly tested and assessed.

Our Solution

Our engineers set about reprogramming the entire wireless system due to the show’s transformative layout, and also ran a full systems health check to ensure every device was operating correctly. The system was rigorously scrutinised during the inspection, and of course passed with flying colours. The Eurotech wireless devices installed provided an extremely effective method of increasing the radio communication range by relaying it directly to the field devices in the case of hazardous events.

Our engineers had a wonderful time solving the safety issues faced by the Cirque Du Soleil and flying the Eurotech flag proudly in the eastern hemisphere. We hope to continue our partnership with the Cirque Du Soleil long into the future, and wish the show every success in the city of Changsha.

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