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We’re absolutely delighted to be partnering with KD Electronics to supply our fire alarm systems and devices across Ireland!

KD Electronics are a wholesale distributor to the trade based in Cork & Dublin, Ireland. They sell equipment to the TV, AV, Satellite, Audio, CCTV, Gate Automation and Networking Industry. After listening to their customers, they’ve now added a full range of fire alarm systems to their portfolio and have partnered with Eurotech.

KD will now be supplying a full range of wired, wireless and hybrid fire systems at both our Dublin and Cork branches.

Eurotech Launch Day Event

KD Electronics would like to extend an invitation to all companies who are interested in fire alarm systems to attend their launch event.

Attending the event will be our Regional Sales Manager James Aherne who will be supported by Pre-Sales engineers and Eurotech management.

Where and When?

KD Electronics Dublin Office (19 Naas Rd, Inchicore, Dublin, D12 W5H2) on Wednesday the 30th of March. 9.30am – 4pm

If you are interested in coming to the Eurotech launch day, please contact KD Electronics on salesdublin@kdelectronics.ie or 01 6855572.

The FIA stands with Ukraine. This mindless aggression by the Russian state will end in tragedy, one way or the other. The bravery and resilience of the Ukrainian people are an inspiration to the world, and we should do what we can to support them in their hour of need.

The UK fire industry can stand up and be counted in two ways; one is to damage the Russian appetite for war with sanctions and the other is to support the Ukrainians.

Click here for the full FIA article…

The new Waking Watch Replacement Fund is now open for buildings of all heights, rather than those over 18m high only. Following on from the original £30m Waking Watch Relief Fund, this additional £27m has been released by the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC). 

The new Replacement Fund will pay for the installation of fire alarm systems to remove or reduce the need for temporary fire safety measures such as waking watch and fire marshal services. This will help end leaseholders being forced to pay for Waking Watches and encourage the installation of fire alarms in an estimated 300 additional buildings across England.

Eurotech has already been working with installers for a number of housing associations and building owners, installing intelligent wireless life safety and fire detection systems fully approved to all relevant parts of EN54 in high-rise buildings across London including Brixton, Poplar, Stratford, Wembley and Westminster, Leeds and Manchester.

To be eligible for the Waking Watch Replacement Fund, buildings must:

Click for more information on the Waking Watch Replacement Fund.

To find out more about Eurotech’s range of approved intelligent wireless fire alarm systems and how we can assist you on projects, please call us on 0203 141 0999 or email enquiry@eurotechfire.com.

The Government have confirmed that the CE mark can be used until 1 January 2023.

Ian Moore, CEO at the Fire Industry Association states: “We are proud to have worked collaboratively with the Government to highlight our industry’s concerns with the implementation of the UKCA mark and the timeline that was previously suggested. We have been working with the overwhelming majority of our members through our UKCA Special Interest Group to discuss the impact of the UKCA mark and communicate their issues to the Government. This positive result comes after the extensive time and effort that has been undertaken by the FIA team on behalf of our members.” 

The Government have now confirmed that they will grant a 12 month extension for UK products to continue using the EU’s “CE” safety mark.

“Recognising the impact of the pandemic on businesses, the government will extend this deadline to 1 January 2023 to apply UKCA marks for certain products to demonstrate compliance with product safety regulations, rather than 1 January 2022,” the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said.

The Government website on the UKCA states:

‘You can continue to use the CE marking for goods placed on the market in Great Britain until 1 January 2023. The UKCA marking must be used for placing goods on the market in Great Britain from 1 January 2023. The UKCA marking can be used now and we encourage businesses to start using the UKCA marking as soon as possible.’

For the full FIA article and more information on the FIA’s communications with the Government, please click here.

The FIA have been in constant communication with the government and the relevant approval bodies over the last year voicing the concerns of the fire safety industry on the impact of implementing the new UKCA mark.

To summarise the latest communications:

1) The Government have confirmed that the CE mark will remain a legal mark to be used in the UK after January 1 2022 – further information is required from the Government with a clear timeline for the required withdrawal of CE marking under the Building Safety Bill.

2) Products with the CE mark will continue to be placed and sold within the UK beyond 2021 under the current legislation, with further updates from the Government.

3) Following on from the previous advice given by the Government, the FIA continues to recommend that you use this extended timescale to carry on the process of transitioning your products to the new UKCA/UKNI marks alongside the required CE marking.

It is important to remind our customers that CE Marked products can still be used in the fire industry after January 1st 2022, with the FIA seeking confirmation from the government on the timescale for the ultimate withdrawal of the CE Mark.

We are keeping a close eye on the developments and following the FIA’s updates on the subject, and any more news will be communicated through our website, social media channels and email communications.

For the full FIA article, please click here.

This new range of high-performance wireless detection, control and alarm devices is based on a new protocol that offers exceptional capabilities, quality and reliability. Combined with user-friendly survey, install, commissioning and maintenance software, the Sygno-fi range revolutionises the wireless fire systems market.

The Sygno-fi wireless platform is suitable for both small-medium or large sites, with the capability to handle up to 128 devices per wireless translator and 240 per hybrid loop, along with a 10-year battery life on sensors, call points and inputs and five years on output devices, sounders and VADs.

A significant benefit of the Sygno-fi system is that it is open protocol, so it is easily integrated with multiple addressable fire alarm panels providing the flexibility and choice over which fire panel to integrate with.

Sygno-fi devices use 60 communications channels to ensure interference and channel collisions are avoided, and each device uses dual redundant technology. So if one channel fails, another takes over automatically, ensuring no downtime and maximum performance and reliability. Also, if any expander module in the chain fails, the transmission path uses an alternate route, ensuring communication continuity. Each Sygno-fi translator supports up to 15 network expanders and the best possible redundant communication paths are identified and tested automatically during commissioning, providing the most reliable and robust communication pathway possible.

The bespoke software is designed to be user-friendly, allowing each Sygno-fi system to be specified with ease for the differing needs of each individual site.

Michelle Agius, Eurotech’s Managing Director says:

“We’re really excited at the introduction of our new Sygno-fi range. Our customers will really see the benefit of using Sygno-fi due to the performance of these devices combined with the ease and convenience of a non-wired system.”

Here at Eurotech, we take pride in our post-sales support, technical service provision and reliability when it comes to helping you with your client’s fire system needs. We only provide the best, most robust fire safety systems and the Sygno-fi range encompasses those values. The Sygno-fi range is open protocol and suitable for use with addressable panels such as our Toccare Touchscreen Fire Alarm Panel, which when partnered together offers an easy to use, exceptional fire safety system for your clients.

View the Sygno-fi Range here, or Contact Us for more information.

As part of our commitment to providing the best level of service to our customers, we now have a dedicated Technical email address and contact number.

All technical enquiries can now be sent to technical@eurotechfire.com where our Technical Support Team will assist with your enquiry online, or you can call the team direct on 0203 141 0982. Headed up by Bob Wyatt, Technical Manager, and supported by Mark Griffin, Technical Support Engineer, our Technical Support Team can answer any queries regarding installation or configuration of Eurotech equipment for your clients.

The UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) Marking is a planned government-imposed product marking scheme for products placed on the market in Great Britain. This covers goods which previously required only CE Marking.

The industry is currently confused assuming that products need to be showing the UKCA mark now. But good news – there is still time to get your mark!

This is not currently required until 01 January 2022.

The Fire Industry Association has been in communication with the government regarding the UKCA mark, discussing the effects of this marking in the fire safety industry as the changes are predicted to cost millions. The transition period has been extended from 12 months to 36 months to allow businesses that rely on compliance to stay open, giving time to implement the mark.

Eurotech have a wide range of cross listed products that are affected by these changes.  We have therefore shared our concerns with the FIA who likewise share our concerns and appreciate the hard work, stress on our business, our suppliers and our customers, required to implement these changes.

It is important to remind our customers that the UKCA Mark is NOT required until 1st January 2022 and CE Marked products can still be used in the fire industry.

We are keeping a close eye on the developments and following the FIA’s updates on the subject, and any more news will be communicated through our website, social media channels and email communications.

For the full FIA article, please click here.

The announcement yesterday of an additional £3.5bn government fund to remove unsafe high-rise cladding will be welcome news for building residents. An estimated 700,000 people in the UK are still living in high-rise buildings with flammable cladding.

Thousands of those tenants and leaseholders across the UK have been subjected to expensive monthly costs for Waking Watch or fire marshall services to ensure 24/7 fire safety. Since the Grenfell tragedy in June 2017, buildings with unsafe high-rise cladding had their ‘stay put’ policy changed to one of ‘simultaneous evacuation’. To enable this, a round the clock Waking Watch service was required, with the cost often passed onto the building’s residents.

A £30m Waking Watch Relief Fund was announced recently for building owners to install Category L5 fire alarm systems designed in accordance with BS 5839-part 1 and NFCC guidance for simultaneous evacuation systems. This would negate the cost of a Waking Watch service but there still remained a high risk from a building fire similar to that seen at Grenfell whilst waiting for cladding removal.

Recent data released states that of those buildings identified as having ACM (aluminium composite material) cladding, 91% of social sector buildings have had their cladding removed. However, in the private sector, only 42% of buildings have had cladding completely removed.

This leaves a high number of people still paying for expensive Waking Watch services and increased insurance premiums whilst waiting for the installation of a fire alarm system and removal of dangerous cladding materials.

Michelle Agius, Managing Director of Eurotech says: “Yesterday’s announcement can only be a good thing. We’ve been working with some of our clients to install fire alarm systems in high-rise buildings over the last few months. Whilst this helps with the ongoing monthly costs they’ve been facing, hopefully this additional funding will help speed up the removal of this dangerous cladding and help them feel safe in their own homes again.”

The recent announcement of the new Waking Watch Relief Fund is excellent news for high-rise building residents who face the extortionate monthly costs for a 24/7 waking watch service.

The new £30m fund will pay for the installation of Category L5 fire alarm systems designed in accordance with BS 5839-part 1 and NFCC guidance for simultaneous evacuation systems in high-rise buildings. This will remove or reduce the need for temporary fire safety measures such as waking watch and fire marshal services.

Eurotech have already been working with installers for a number of housing associations and building owners, installing intelligent wireless life safety and fire detection systems fully approved to all relevant parts of EN54 in high-rise buildings across London including Brixton, Poplar, Stratford, Wembley and Westminster, Leeds and Manchester.

However, with an estimated 1700 buildings in the UK with dangerous combustible materials on their facades, there is still a long way to go to ensure better, long term fire safety for these dangerous buildings and their residents.

Michelle Agius, Managing Director of Eurotech says: “The announcement of this fund will go a huge way towards making these buildings safer, and reducing the financial burden of waking watch services which is often met by the residents of these buildings. We have already been involved in numerous high-rise fire alarm installation projects prior to the fund availability, and expect that many building owners will be keen to access this new funding to help ensure the fire safety of their premises and their residents.”

To be eligible for the Waking Watch Relief Fund, buildings must:

For more information on the Waking Watch Relief Fund and Eurotech’s range of approved intelligent wireless fire alarm systems, please call us on 0203 141 0999.

Festive season is here, and the feeling is uplifted again from what seemed to have been an exhaustingly long and confusing year. Christmas trees are sitting pretty with colourful decorations, and the lights are flickering with joy!

It comes as no surprise that the mixture of trees, decorations and lighting are a big fire risk. No one wants a Christmas ruined by flames, so here are our top tips to staying safe from fire:

1. Check for a British Standard Safety Sign on your Christmas lights

The British Standard have made it easier for us to stay safe. Look for the BSI logo upon purchase of your Christmas lights; reassuring that the product has been checked, tested and passed to comply with the standards.

2. Turn the Christmas lights off if the property is left unattended for a long period of time

Not only will you save on your electricity bill, but you’re also doing your part in keeping a safe home with active decorations. Over long periods of time, lights increase in temperature when powered on. Turning the lights off when you’re out will allow them to cool down and prevent overheating.

3. Water the tree and keep it away from heaters and fireplaces

From the aroma to the natural aesthetics, there is no beating a real Christmas tree. However, they are more vulnerable to heat and fire! Watering the tree will help as it prevents the branches from becoming dry and flammable.

4. Immediately replace Christmas light bulbs that are broken or faulty

Easily one of the highest hazards in Christmas decorations. Due to the break in the circuit, broken bulbs can cause a spark that can turn into uncontrollable flames. With this high hazard, lights should also avoid direct contact with any decorations and other flammable items.

5. Don’t overload plug sockets

Plug sockets shouldn’t be overloaded on any regular day! When not in use, the socket should either be turned off or unplugged to prevent any potential accidents.

A Christmas tree fire can make a room disappear in under a minute.

It’s important to have fun over the Christmas period, but just as importantly we should do our bit to keep our homes and families safe! When the festivities are finished, real Christmas trees should be taken to recycling centres so that they can be disposed of properly.

It is also worth noting that the oven should not be left unattended. Cooking under the influence of alcohol is not advisable. Save the drinks for later – if you cooked, you can put your feet up whilst everyone else cleans up!

Safe Fire Systems From Eurotech

Contact Eurotech to discover the appropriate fire safety systems you should upgrade to, or have in your home. We have a full range of fire alarms and safety products to help you ensure that your holiday season is a safe one.

Valuation and home survey processes were previously insufficient to establish whether or not external cladding on high-rise buildings [over 18 m height] contains combustible material and therefore would facilitate the spread of fire. Following the Grenfell tragedy and subsequent MHCLG [Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government] guidance, RICS [Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors] along with UKF [UK Finance] and BSA [Building Societies Association] developed so-called EWS-1 forms as a means of enabling competent fire experts to assess whether these buildings are fire-safe and if not, to identify that remedial work needs to be carried out.   The provision of EWS-1 forms has proved successful in creating a clear and consistent means by which the market understands the documentation required to support the buying, selling or re-mortgaging of properties in high rise buildings. While the EWS-1 form has been downloaded from the RICS website over 8,000 times, there remain some key issues to be resolved in order to create a fully reliable and accessible process for the upload and retrieval of these forms.   The FIA has stepped in to meet this requirement. In consultation with MHCLG and in collaboration with RICS and other stakeholders including lenders and insurers, it has developed a unique portal that will provide a central readily-accessible location for EWS-1 forms and, for the first time, the ability for Fire Engineers to complete the forms on-line.  
This meets an increasingly urgent need for property sellers and buyers, insurers and mortgage lenders to easily access for free and in one specific location the information they need in order for transactions involving properties in high rise buildings to proceed as normal post-Grenfell as well as identifying any remedial actions that must be taken on these buildings in respect of external cladding.
Of especial importance is the need to prevent fraudulent activity relating to EWS-1 forms which regrettably has been identified in the market and which can place lives at risk. A rigorous approach has been applied to the portal to include manual checks at various stages of the process. Each Fire Engineer wishing to submit forms must present evidence that they are fully qualified and competent to do so and this is interrogated prior to enabling their forms to be submitted to the portal. In addition, all existing forms and on-line submissions are subject to further checks to determine their validity before they appear as publicly-available documents. In this way, we would expect to eliminate the problem of fraudulent EWS-1 forms appearing in the market.   The FIA is fully-funding the building of this portal and has employed software specialists to create an effective, efficient and user-friendly web site that has been approved by the RICS Forum. Registration and uploading of EWS1 forms will cost a small fee to cover the validating work involved, but access to them by the public will be free. The web site is currently in an advanced stage of development and is expected to be fully functional as a public service by mid-November. The FIA is the largest fire protection trade association in Europe with over 900 members, a not-for-profit organisation that is a major provider of fire safety training. Its objective is to promote, improve and perfect fire protection methods, devices, services and apparatus and achieves this through the representation of its members and providing technical support, guidance and opportunities for professional advancement through education and appropriate regulation. It promotes and shapes legislation and the professional standards of the fire industry through close liaison with government and official bodies as well as other key stakeholders and also provides funding for research projects in line with its principal objectives.

For further information on the portal, please write to us at info@fia.uk.com

For further details about the FIA, visit our web site at FIA. 

[Source: latest@fia-news.uk.com]