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BS 8629 Pocket Guide

Our new BS 8629 Pocket Guide is written for individuals and organisations carrying out design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of evacuation alert systems.

Covering the following topics, the BS 8629 Pocket Guide is an invaluable tool in guiding your clients to understanding the requirements of BS 8629 and the fire safety measures they need to implement.

BS 8629 Pocket GuideWhat are the key points of BS 8629?

  • What is BS 8629?
  • Do I need an evacuation alert system?
  • EACIE enclosure
  • Siting the evacuation alert panel
  • Siting the evacuation alert devices
  • Example layout
  • Evacuation alert zones
  • System components
  • Circuit monitoring and integrity
  • Installation
  • Commissioning and handover recommendations
  • Maintenance
  • Checklist


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NOTE: This pocket guide is not a substitute for BS 8629 which should be read in full. It is strongly recommended that specific Euro-VAC training is also attended.


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